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Jailbreak 3.55 Install Geohot/Kakaroto CFW On PS3 No Dongle Needed For Jailbreak

** THIS VIDEO IS OBSOLETE NOW. USE THIS VIDEO: Thanks Kakaroto!! Thanks Geohot: Downloads ========== Geohot’s 3.55 Hack: (use this one, Must be on 3.55 retail before installing geohots hack. Download 3.55 retail from link below. Follow same steps in video to install it.. then you can install geohots with same steps: 3.55 RETAIL (YOU NEED THIS!) Kakaroto 3.41: (Don’t Use This, Use Geohot’s Insted) Kakaroto 3.55: (Don’t Use This, Use Geohot’s Insted) =================================== Like My Facebook: Check Out The Website: Check Out Pete Moss Check Out Jo Bob: Thanks for watching. Remember to hit that like button, it helps me make more videos. Subscribe to stay updated. ============================================= Personal Channel: Website: Forums Twitter: Facebook: Buy My Shirts: Email: Donate: Call Me.. Seriously: 312-880-7356 Mail Me!!: ChrisTechTV PO Box 134 Mt. Zion, IL 62549 =============================================

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