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Dynasty Warriors 8: New Faces Plus Japanese Release Date Announced

Dezember 6, 2012 by PS3F in Playstation News International with 0 Comments

Koei has revealed screenshots of three new characters and returning ones for the next Dynasty Warriors installment. The three new faces are Shu generals; Guan Yinping, (daughter of Guan Yu) Guan Xing, (second son of Guan Yu) and Zhang Bao (son of Zhang Fei).

Additional Shu forces revealed are Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. While no one new was announced for Wu this week, we are treated with a look at returning favorites Sun Ce, Da Qiao, Ling Tong, Gan Ning, and Huang Gai. The Yellow Turban’s Zhang Jiao was also shown.













Shin Sangoku Musou 7 [ Dynasty Warriors 8 ] will storm PS3s in Japan on February 28th. A western release is likely but remains TBA.

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