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The Walking Dead: Telltale Games Working With Sony To Ensure Your PS3 Save Files Work On PS4


Speaking to IGN this week, Telltale executive producer Kevin Boyle and company founder Kevin Bruner shared a few interesting details regarding the next season of the studio’s episodic survival horror title “The Walking Dead”, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name.

 ”Season 2 will read what you did in Season 1 and that will tailor some of the things that happened in Season 2,”  Boyle stated.

“They’ll be a lot more social and in-between episode features for Season 2 that definitely exploit what the new platforms have to offer. We’re super-excited about PlayStation 4 and what all the other big console manufacturers have in store.”

Neither Kevins would elaborate whether or not this meant PS3 saves would be transferable to the PS4, only that they are in contact with Sony and “they understand what is the secret recipe of The Walking Dead so expect that we’ll be talking about it soon.”

Sony has yet to confirm if PS3 saves would work on its next gen console however if Sony Computer Entertainment’s acquisition of Gaikai is any indication, our answers may be in the clouds.

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