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Naughty Dog: PS3 Is Still An “Exceptional Piece Of Hardware”

gamestm134Sony’s next piece of hardware maybe leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor but for Naughty Dog’s Ricky Cambier, there’s still untapped potential left in the PS3.

“It is toward the end [of the console cycle] but we are still pushing the hardware,” game designer Ricky Cambier told gamesTM (issue #134). ”We bring that clear to the players and to the expectation that the PS3 is still an exceptional piece of hardware. Even at this stage we are finding new ways to push it. I think we benefit from that.”

“It’s just kind of fun to look for ways that we will take the tech of the hardware and take the needs of the game, and look for ways we can push [the hardware]..push it in ways we’re still not seeing in the games industry.”

Cambier didn’t give any indication whether or not The Last of Us will be their final project for the PS3, but with the way the game is shaping up, it would be interesting to see just how far the studio can push the aging technology.

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